Friday, October 31, 2008

VeganMoFo: The Last Day & Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I haven't celebreated Halloween since I was a child and we were allowed to dress up (I usually went as a black cat) and door knock in our street with the kids that lived nextdoor to us. I remember a house down from us where we could hear a television on and see the flicker from the screen. We knocked, no answer. We knocked again and someone yelled "no one is home!" and we all yelled back "then who said that?" They never came to the door so we left empty handed, get in the spirt people!

I'm in an apartment block and have never had anyone ring my bell (I hope that song is now in your head too!) but if they do tonight I will have some vegan, gluten free Halloween themed gingerbread to give them. And they're not just Halloween themed thanks to my icing they actually look like little horrors due to their crackly appearance:

Close up of pumpkin head

Close up of a black cat (I added some cocoa to give them their colour)

Close up of a ghost

According to my Moon Diary today is Beltane, the time of year when Spring and Summer coincide and your senses are fully awakened so look at the natural environment around you and enjoy it in every way possible :)

And today VeganMoFo is over! I have really enjoyed blogging a lot and as I said yesterday I have loved reading everyone else's blogs, there are so many of us! Thanks folks, we've been great!


tofufreak said...

these are so cute! they make me have cravings :)

Léna, said...


River said...

Your cookies are lovely! YAY for Halloween food! I hope you get lots of trick or treaters!
Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! :)

glutenfreevegan said...

I'm silly! I should have been paying more attention to MoFo! Too much pregnancy fussing has clouded my brain!

Happy Halloween/Samhain &/or Beltane, etc! :)

kristy said...

How do you get your icing so perfect?

drossolalia said...

Gorgeous little ghosts, and yes, that song is in my head now. Dammit!

Oh, it's haunting me :-)

jessy said...

happy halloween to you, too! i'm so sad it's the last day of VeganMofo, too! :(

your gluten free cookies look scrumptious! i love the kitties the most! yay! :D i want to eat them all!

Kate said...

Oh yum those cookies look gorgeous!

aTxVegn said...

Those cookies are so cute! I especially love the kitties.

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