Friday, February 20, 2009

Raw Pizza and Pad Thai

I've really been enjoying look for new raw meal ideas. One thing I really wanted to try was raw pizza because I already had the base, flax crackers.

I spread 4 of my triangular shaped flax crackers w/ tomato cashew basil sauce, topped them w/ mushies, red capsicum, baby spinach and avocado. I made a raw cheese w/ 40g of cashews, 10g of pine nuts and a dash of water so it was able to be drizzled over the pizza.

This was delicious and totally satisfying replacement for cooked pizza, I'm going to have it again tonight as the cheese made enough for 2-3 serves.

Any tips on storing flax crackers? I have read online that they can be kept for ages in an air-tight container, I'm just wondering how long 'ages' is?!

Another recipe I had my eye on was Ani Phyo's Raw Pad Thai. I wanted to do this so I have another way of eating zoodles (zucchini noodles) otherwise I would wind up eating them w/ tomato cashew sauce all the time. Not that that's a bad thing, I am very habitual with my food but it's good to have variety.

I subbed 2 tspns of tamari for the Braggs, used half a smallish red chilli in place of the jalapeno and left out the coriander seeds as I don't have any.

I googled raw pad thai for other ingredient ideas and found another version at Happy Foody. After looking at hers I decided on red capsicum, mushrooms, tomato, snow pea sprouts and shallots.

I blended up the sauce, chucking in the half chilli and then I tasted the sauce it was HOT! So I added some cucumber in with the other veggies to help try and cool the meal down a bit.

This was delicious, I really liked the flavours. I go through phases where all I want is peanut sauce but I think this might fill that void for me. The sauce made about 3 servings so I had it again last night and added in a grated carrot too. I did some lightly steamed broccoli as well and drizzled some of the sauce over it.

Also, go check out, this photo got featured there, thanks, Erik!

I've ordered Ani's book but now I'm on the lookout for more raw dinner ideas. I was going to try raw sushi using grated parsnip as the rice but then I read a comment on What The Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway that linked to this article about toxins in food. I haven't found I react to zucchini other than finding my hands sticky with sap once I start peeling them but I wonder if parsnips are ok, maybe in small portions? If you guys have any advice, leave me a comment, ta!

I'm off to make some more raw pizza, have a great weekend everyone :)


Vegetation said...

Mmmmmm I love that pizza! And I adore how perfectly white your cashew pine nut cheese is!

shelby said...

Oh gosh, that pizza is spectacular! I love little raw appitizer plates like that. I used to eat them for dinner all the time.

Susan said...

I'm loving reading about your raw food adventures. It's something I am interested in trying out, not full time, but just for some extra variety and fun .

I loved your cherry pies! They looked amazing.

Also, I feel for the poor people and the melted chocolate. I need to place some online food orders but there is no way I am going to do it until it cools down a bit!

jessy said...

ooooh, yummy! both your pad thai & the raw pzza look wonderful! mmmmmmmmmmmmm! thanks for the link on the toxins in some foods. gonna have to check it out. and i think there's a big list o' raw blogs here. you may find some yummy recipes on a few of them. there's also a good raw site here, although i am sure you may already be familiar with it. :)

Jeni Treehugger said...

I've just spent the last hour looking at Ani's website!! The food on there is just amazing and so is your Pizza - looks so tasty. I've never heard of Flax Crackers before - I'd love to give them a try.

River said...

This the most gorgeous raw pizza I have ever seen! The raw cashew cheese looks so creamy and perfect.

The Pad Thai looks so fresh. How awesome that your photo got featured on!

You're the sweetest! You know I'm a chocolate-coconut addict way beyond recovery when you buy chocolate coconut butter and think of me! :)

swellvegan said...

That pizza looks awesome! I wish we could be raw buddies (I want to be high raw as well, but my partner is not so keen on the idea)... I'm gonna start using your blog as inspiration!

Kelly said...

Your creations look marvelous as always. My dehydrator has a whole in the middle so it seems less than ideal for making pizza, but yours looks delicious.

sweet26 said...

i just found your blog, and i love your meals. the raw foods look amazing, you've certainly got me interested in trying out raw dishes.

Mary said...

That pad thai looks and sounds delicious. I moved and no longer have a vegan friendly thai place, so I've been trying out recipes. Thanks for the link to Ani's blog. Your food is so cute, keep it up!

dreaminitvegan said...

That pizza looks very appetizing! I'm loving more of the raw blogs. Thanks you are inspiring.

Joyce said...

Hi Mandee - what a great blog you have! I love all your beautiful photos. What kind of camera do you use? I'm hoping to buy a new one within the next few months so I can get better close ups of my food.

I look forward to spending more time reading your blog. I love all the vegan and raw vegan food you make. I'd like to learn how to make a few cooked vegan recipes to include in my repertoire as well as more raw vegan ones:-)

Take care!


coulditbeseitan said...

Wow, that all looks so good! I'm going to wait for the warm weather to try going raw for a week - I don't think I could hack it when I keep craving hot soups. But YUM!! Food like this makes me want to try sooner!

Stella said...

That looks amazing! I've gotta get around to making some nut cheese - I keep meaning to try it.

... said...

I'm wanting some raw Pad Thai so thanks for the recipe. I just created my own version of raw Chow Mein that I'm addicted to. You can check it out at I'll make the Pad Thai after reading as many recipes as I can and then tweaking it to fit me so thank you again for your recipe!

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