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Sydney's Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale or: Our Vegan Community is AWESOME!

Yesterday we had our stall to participate in the first ever Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale! We organised to meet at the Newtown DIY Markets at the bright and early time of 6.30am and thankfully the several trips from the van to our spot kept me warm!

We chose a spot under a tree on one side of the markets and we were all set up by 8am. It was a little overcast and chilly but thankfully it wasn't raining.

Here's a closer look at our awesome banner that my best friend Rach made for us!

To start we with we had what we'd spent a good couple of hours baking. Leigh made choc chip, double choc chip and mocha choc chip biccies (wheat ones and gluten free ones) and chocolate,
passionfruit and vanilla melting momtents (again gluten free and non-gluten free).

Drossolalia made a batch of super cute mini lemon and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla and raspberry icing as well as regular sized vanilla cupcakes with raspberry icing. And her Mum made us panforte bars which was very popular (I also forgot to take a photo of it)

I made gluten free carrot cake cupcakes topped with lemony icing and a mini marzipan carrots, gluten free banana split cupcakes with melted chocolate and 100s and 1000s on top, cookies n cream cupcakes as well as gluten free gingerbread vegans.

We had two small sales just after 8am and I remember wondering how well we were going to do but as the morning went on we started to have more and more people arriving. Our friend Sarah was one of the first to arrive, on her way to work she biked over and delivered a loaf of banana bread.

Soon after that our friend Kate.M arrived with some GIANT choc chip cookies!

I'd had a lot of offers from Sydney vegans via email and I got to meet a lot of them yesterday. Mel and her boyfriend Lee came by early and dropped off a zingy lemon tart with a spelt and almond base.

Renee made coconut dream cupcakes and dropped those off for us to sell.

Mandie made a fantastic looking assortment of mini cupcakes including lemon with rosewater icing and chocolate macadamia. As well as chocolate cake slices and date balls.

Christie made us a chocolate topped anzac slice (another one I forgot to take a photo of but I bought a piece so there's a pic below)

Later on Zarah showed up with some choc chip walnut biccies and we met her lovely friend Div who also made a purchase.

Jamie bought us a raw tahini carob slice which was popular with people that asked for items that were sugar-free.

Celia dropped off some tangy orange shortbread after staying up late just so she could bake something for us!

Natalie dropped off a white chocolate mud cake that didn't last long on the table.

I also got to meet Kate.S and her friend, both made large purchases. Kate's running a vegan cooking workshop at the East Fairfield Community Centre, if you're in the area, make sure you check it out.

By now we were starting to run out and our table was looking bare.

Then Tish dropped off some raspberry tarts and a zucchini cake just as we were off to get some Burger Fuel for lunch so thanks to Mel for these 2 photos

By 1.30pm we'd sold out of everything and as we starting packing up we had a few more customers come over only to be told the bad news. We were amazed at how much we'd sold as we'd originally been trying to think of what we would do with all the left overs!

We went back to Leigh's place (a very handy 1 minute walk from the markets) to count the money and we made $908.70!!! We were shocked and very happy with the result. Our money will be going to WSPA and I can't wait to make the donation tomorrow :)

I took home an assortment of goodies to try with Chris, he loved the lemon tart and I loved the choc anzac slice and the coconut cupcake.

We had a fantastic day, I'm happy the rain held off, and that we had so many awesome vegans drop by to support a good cause to help raise so much money.

I spoke to a few vegans who either didn't know about our facebook group or had joined and then never looked at it again. They were happy to hear about our meet ups and I am sure we'll be seeing them at the next one we organise :)

And now for the thanks yous. Thanks to Gary who came up with the awesome idea of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. Thanks to Leigh and drossolalia for helping to make our stall happen including carrying stuff to/from the van. Thanks to Rachele for making our fantastic banner. Thanks to Chris for helping me plan, borrowing his parents' table and for taste-testing. Thanks to Sarah, Renee, Mandie, Christie, Zarah, Jamie, Celia, Natalie, Tish and drossolalia's Mum for baking delicious vegan goodies for the stall. Thanks to Kate.M for baking and helping out with the stall. Thanks to Mel for baking, coming back to help run the stall and for you and Lee helping me carry stuff back to the van at the end of the day. Thanks to Leigh's friend who also helped me carry the table back to the van. Thanks to Charles at Naked Espresso for the round of coffees. Thanks to my Mum and Dad for coming down and for letting me borrow our work van and to everyone who dropped by, made a purchase and contributed to the amount of money we raised!

We are thinking of doing it again this year. I would love to hear from anybody who made a purchase to get your feedback and from anyone who would like to be involved with baking for the stall.

I hope the rest of the bake sales around the world have as fantastic a day as we did :)


Léna, said...

:( all that was left when i got there at 1pm was the tahini thing, those tiny tarts and a bit of zucchini bread. the guy who bought stuff before me snatched up the last of the GF cookies so i could only eat the tahini thing. so sticky and yummy.

Mandee said...

I'm sorry, Léna :( And I didn't get to meet you which is even sadder imo!

We'll be having another one, I will be sure to reserve gf things for you :)

steph said...

Oh wow, it looks like such a great day and a great array of food!

Laura said...

Wow great bake sale! If I didn't live the other side of the world I would have spent an absolute fortune! Everything looked delicious

kristy said...

Looks amazing, so jealous we didn't have one here.

I love the gingerbread people!

drossolalia said...

Congratulations on such a wonderful day! Already looking forward to the next one, whenever it may be.

Artichoke Zine. said...

Everything looks so yummy!
Well done on making so much money x said... much all looks amazing, wish I'd been there!

ZuckerBaby said...

It was an awesome day, wasn't it?? Is it okay if I link to this post on my blog? You've done such a brilliant job describing the ups and downs and ultimate brilliance of the day!!

And thank you for the thanks, and thank you for getting me involved in the first place!!

(I hope the choc chip cookie was okay! :D)

dreaminitvegan said...

You all did so awesome!!! Everything looked yummy and it was so nice you had so many people help bake items. What a great turn out!

ZuckerBaby said...

Oh, and as far as doing this again this year, I'm so there (as long as it's not the last weekend in August)!! In fact, I've started planning what I'd make for the next one in great detail... :)

Theresa said...

Mandee, that is so great! Everything looks really yummy, and I cannot believe how much money you made! Do you know if most of the purchasers were vegan or not?

jessy said...

so much delicious awesomeness, Mandee! WOW! i love those cuppies, the cakes, the tarts, the cookies - all of it! you were baking up a storm - and the other goodies everyone brought look fantastical as well! hooray for vegan bake sale success!!! superhappyface!

Mel said...

YUM! I came and bought some stuff, I was visiting from Canberra for the weekend and made a special trip out to Newtown. I'm so glad I did! From the pictures I can see that the biscuit I ate was made by Zarah and it was AWESOME! Where is the recipe?? I bought a lot of stuff and spent all weekend and the car trip home eating it. Best weekend of food ever.

Sal said...

wow how awesome, congrats on making so much dosh!!!

all of it looks amazing. especially white chocolate mud cake! oh my god does that sound good!!!

Mandy said...

Congrats on making so much money for such a great cause! What a fun way to give and donate! I would have had a hard time choosing...which means I would have spent a load!

Penny said...

whoa....words escape me.

Kelly said...

Wow! Kudos for your total. It looks like a very successful effort. It reminds me a lot of when a friend and I had a bake sale for Barack Obama. It really reminded me of the generousity of strangers and how such a simple, small event like a bake sale can have a big impact. Your cupcakes look especially awesome. Love your work on the carrots.

Mary said...

That all looks so gorgeous! Congratulations! You guys worked hard and raised a lot of money for a good cause. I hope the worldwide bake sale happens again next year so I can get something organized.

Mandee said...

:) Thanks, everyone!

Theresa - I assume most people were vegan as a lot of them had contacted me or seen the poster up somewhere.

Mel - I've emailed you the recipe at the email I found on your blog!

Kelly - it's been a long time since I participated in something like this and it made us realise we should and could be doing it more often!

Mary - the WVBS will be on again next year but probably in April!

lilearthmuffin said...

Simply gorgeous.
I love your ginger men and your carrot cupcakes look amazing - carrots are one of my all time favorite things. I wish I had such an awesome group of vegans living around me. I only know of one other. I look forward to your future posts : )


Lizabelle said...

I was one of those who turned up after you'd sold out! Was sorry to miss everything (I made the mistake of dashing along to Naked Coffee for breakfast first, because I was worried they'd stop serving food), but I'm so glad it was such a success! Congratulations, and thanks to everyone involved for your efforts.

I'm Philippa O said...

oh this looks amazing! congratulations for raising so much money, but i guess it really wasn't hard when everything looked so delicious!

iRaw said...

Wow, you all did so well and everything looks wonderful. Those gf carrot cake cupcakes look great!

shellyfish said...

What a great community you have! Everything looks so sweet tooth is aching!

Erin said...

Congratulations on such a successful bakesale! Everything on the table looks so good, but the white chocolate cake is blowing my mind.

Miss T said...

Oh. Sweet. Freakin'. Jesus.

That is so awesome! Congratulations!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Love all the pictures and congrats on a successful bake sale!! I'm loving those banana split cupcakes, but it all looks good.

LeAnne said...

I absolutely love everything in this post. I think my teeth just started hurting, but I don't care!

nora said...

Your bakesale is so gorgeous, it's painful! Is it weird that I want that tahini carob thing the most?

Mel said...

Hey Mandee, thanks heaps for sending me the cookie recipe. I made them on the weekend and ate them for just about every meal :)

Rose said...

Howdy, im so glad ive come across your blog. I cant resist not following :)
Your bake sale stall looks so fantastic, so many yummy vegan things and i imagine you had heaps of fun running the stall. The lemon tart looks SO delicious! I would love to find a recipe so I can make one myself :)
Too bad there wasnt a vegan bake sale in Adelaide, i would love to try some other vegan cooking.


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