Saturday, October 13, 2012

VeganMoFo2012 Day 13: Cheesy Broccoli Soup

I have talked about Viva Vegan! so much that I thought it was about time I gave some other cookbooks some love! Earlier this year I purchased Great Gluten Free Vegan Eats by Allyson Kramer. Allyson has a wonderful blog, Manifest Vegan, which I have been following for years. Her food always looks appetising and she takes gorgeous photos. I knew this was a cookbook I had to own but sadly I have only made one recipe from it so far, but it was delicious!

Cheesy Broccoli Soup

I had a head of broccoli and wanted to use it in a way other than my usual routine of steaming and eating it plain or with tahini. I had to admit this soup didn't sound that appealing to me as it uses a lot of nooch (one and half cups!) but for some reason I went ahead with it anyway. I halved the amount of nooch and didn't add any vegan cheese because I didn't have any in the fridge but other than that I didn't have to make any alterations which made for a nice change :)

This surprised me in such a good way, it was creamy, a little tangy and so delicious! It was like a big bowl of comfort food but I am glad I halved the nooch, I think the full amount would have been too much for me but I know nooch-lovers would be happy with it. I served it up with a toasted gf roll from a local bakery.

I enjoyed the leftovers of this and it's definitely something I would make again, maybe even this weekend as our springy weather has left us and we seem to have returned to winter, brr!

If you own this book, what are some of your fave recipes? I'm keen to try the gf pasta next!

15 comments: said...

I loooooove nooch and broccoli so I think that this soup would be right up my street. I'm adding this book to my wish list!

Erinwiko said...

I've been seeing people make so many great-sounding recipes from this book. And I love Allyson's blog, so I think I need to pick this one up. The soup sounds great- perfect for the cold weather that's returned here!

Maggie Muggins said...

I love this book, I’ve made so many recipes from it, and yet I haven’t tried that one. One of my favorites is the pea and mint bisque, it’s so fresh and flavorful. The Drenched Pad Thai Salad was definitely another one of my favorites, it has tofu but that’s easy enough to replace.

GiGi said...

When I make soup I tend to use a lot of nooch, to thicken and this looks like pure comfort. Must check out Allyson's blog.

Caitlin said...

dayv loves the cheesy broccoli soup from allyson's book! it's amazing! we're nooch lovers in this house ;)

Dawn said...

Broccoli cheese had always been my favorite but haven't found one i love. Will definitely be looking into this!

Richa said...

its so cold out here today, that i'd eat a double bowl full of this hot cheesy soup! i dont like too much nooch either. i add a lot more herbs and spice:)

foodfeud said...

Oh I DO love nooch and broccoli also! Bring on the soups, I say.

Joey said...

That really sounds like my kind of soup. Just the sort of thing autumn calls for!

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

That's a lot of nooch! I love a good cheesy broccoli soup, and your toasty roll looks so good too!

Thanks for the encouragement! I think I have enough material for at least five more days of MoFo, so hopefully I will make it. Your MoFo posts always seem so effortless! How do you do it?! You are Super Mandee! said...

I love cheesy broccoli soup--but I think I'd halve the amount of nooch too. Sure is a lot in the recipe!

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

Have seen that book & wondered! Soup looks great.

VeggieAmanda said...

My friend has this book and I've had two recipes from it and they were amazing!! :-)

jessy said...

i'm a bit behind, but happy MoFo, Mandee! so awesome on Allyson's book. we love it as well & make the artichoke-spinach dip pretty much every sunday to share with our friends while we gather to watch nfl football. her butter pecan sticky rolls and mediterranean croquettes with carrot celeriac remoulade are ridiclously scrumptious and we also super love Allyson's blueberry donuts. mmmmmmmmm!

Allysia said...

That is a crazy amount of nooch...I think I would have a really hard time going through with the full amount! Probably would have done the same thing as you and halved it, if not reduced it even further. I'm really not a nooch fan, though.

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