Friday, September 13, 2013

VeganMoFo2013 Day 13: Banana Pudding Pie

My theme for VeganMoFo this year is: MoFo Mimic! Each year I bookmark a bunch of posts intending to try out the amazing recipes fellow vegan food bloggers come up with and I don't often get around to trying them. So, this year I have made a list and I will be highlighting some of my favourite vegan food bloggers!

Yesterday I made vanilla biscuits using a recipe from Dawn's blog Veg-am and today I'm going to share the next thing I made from her blog, using those biscuits.

The crust for this pie requires vanilla biscuits so whip up a batch of Dawn's or sub in your favourite biscuit. The crust was easy to put together, as was the filling. I used two bananas but they were small so I only did the one layer of banana slices, rather than two.

This style of pudding is not what Aussies think of when the word pudding is used. Pudding for us is Christmas pudding or sticky date pudding ie. steamed cake, or heavy cake with syrup. This resembles a flan-like filling to me, or even like a thick-set custard.

I was really surprised by the flavour, it tasted so strongly of banana even though there is no banana flavour in the pudding filling itself, just vanilla, but after chilling in the fridge the banana slices had flavoured this pie so well. It's like eating banana custard in a soft, vanilla biscuit crust. Delish!

This is the perfect desert for warmer weather, the oven only needed to be on for 20 minutes and the result is a cool, summery treat!


Amey said...

awesome!! My fella loves banana pie so much, and for some reason I have been thinking about banana pie lately... but I didn't really have a good recipe for it. I'm gonna bookmark this one (haha - and add it to my own long list of bloggie recipes to try). I am loving your theme, by the way!

Kate said...

That looks amazing! Will be trying this for sure :)

Dawn said...

Yay! So glad it worked out well for you. Because it's traditional here to have some kind of meringue or cream with banana pudding, I never thought of using strawberries with it, but I bet that was really good.

Rebecca Weller said...

Ooooh, that looks like the perfect way to eat bananas to me! I love learning about all of these US desserts and this pudding pie sounds like a winner! :)

Sal said...

oh I'm gonna have to make that it sounds great. I'm super picky about bananas and can only eat one by itself if it's perfect. But in baked goods and pies etc, I'll pretty much take them however.

Mihl said...

I never had banana pie. It looks great with the strawberries on top.

Allysia said...

This is just the kind of banana pie I've wanted to make for a while! I used to love that super fake stuff made from a box, and I always wondered how to make it without using banana in the filling, since it would go brown and sad. Hooray!

VeggieAmanda said...

Interesting. I didn't know there were different consistencies to pudding. I am not a fan of "American" pudding, but I'd be willing to give this pie a try! said...

Banana pudding *clapping hands*, What a beautiful pudding, and love the cute plate! It actually looks like custard - either way - I like both!

Jes said...

Look at that puddin' pie! Any US Southerner would call that a beauty! Seriously delicious looking.

River said...

A beauty indeed! The custard looks so smooth and creamy! I imagine one could make endless variations of this pudding pie with all sorts of fruit too.

Richa said...

so much creamy goodness!

Susan said...

That looks lovely, I have been meaning to make some sort of banana pudding pie. Sounds like a great summer pie.

Maggie Muggins said...

Yum! Banana pie has been something I've always wanted to make, I love the creamy custardy goodness.

Emmy said...

Wow that looks fantastic!

India leigh said...

that looks so good! Your description is making my mouth water.


luminousvegans said...

Oh yeah, that banana custard looks so good!

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