Thursday, September 26, 2013

VeganMoFo2013 Day 26: Nut and seed spreads

I'm taking another break from Mofo Mimic theme as I thought I had to be somewhere this arvo but then it turned out I didn't. Anyway, here's the post I had prepared!

I don't make nut butters at home very often, although I did make some during MoFo this year. Earlier this year I gave my parents my old food processor and since then dad has been making different kinds. My absolute fave is pistachio, it's a pretty shade of green and delish!

So, these new nut and seed spreads caught my eye in the supermarket yesterday - I adore the new packaging and I was keen to try more of their range as usually I only buy the tahini. I chose Hazelnut & Cacao, Pepita, and Peanut Cacao.

I spread them on some corn thins for a snack. The pepita spread is really smooth and it was quite unusual tasting the flavour of pepitas but not getting the crunch. I think it would be great over veggies or in a dressing.

The hazelnut cacao spread is lovely, I think it's my favourite hazelnut spread out of all the ones I've tried. Unlike other versions, this one is just hazelnuts and cacao, no coconut oil so it was easily spreadable vs. being rock hard.

The peanut cacao was also nice, completely different to the dark chocolate peanut butter that I bought back from the USA. Both this and the hazelnut one would be lovely on toast, over ice cream, or with banana slices.


Dawn said...

yummmm...not and seed butters. I'm going to have to try to make some pepita butter, that is really intriguing.

playlovevegan said...

We have the peanut cacao one! I have not seen the hazelnut one but I know now I need to find it! The best thing about the jars is the labels peel off easily so you can reuse the jars without the sticky mess.

Sal said...

Oh they sound great. I love nut butters. Pepitas are sunflower seeds right? I have some sunflower seed butter and it's bright green and kind of a weird taste. It made my porridge a kind of grimy green colour. Not unpleasant just a bit weird.

I have some chocolate chip peanut butter that is just cheapy stuff and somehow the chocolate stays melty, it's good.

The Peace Patch said...

Thanks for the review...they sound so delicious! This is the time of year I look for things to dip apple slices in and the hazelnut would be perfect! :)

Cadry said...

Pistachio butter is such a great idea! They're one of my favorite nuts, and I always make nut butter at home in the Vitamix. However, it hadn't occurred to me to make pistachio butter. Good thinking!

Joey said...

Those do look good - I love pumpkin seed butter, especially as it seems to work in both savoury and sweet things. I'd probably have to be physically restrained from eating the cacao stuff! said...

I want to try the Pepita spread - I see this term a lot here in Buenos Aires. And yum on the hazelnut spread, I prefer it to be creamy!

VeggieAmanda said...

The nut and seed butters sound delicious. I have never had pistachio or pumpkin seed butter, but I would love to try them. I have a Vitamix and a food processor, so I need to try it out!

East Meets West Veg said...

Those sound delicious! That's so cool that your dad has been experimenting with making his own nut butters! I guess your old food processor really got put to good use!

luminousvegans said...

That pepita spread sounds and looks so interesting! I don't make a bunch of nut butters at home though this making me want to make some chocolate nut butter.

Jes said...

I love the idea of a pepita spread! Totally going to have to try to make that at home :)

Randi (laughfrodisiac) said...

You can't go wrong with hazelnut + cacao!
I love the idea of making my own pistachio butter...I'll have to do that!

Amey said...

mmmm! They all look super tasty! I love fancy nut butters!

foodfeud said...

Wow the pepita spread looks crazy! I'd love to try those.

Susan said...

I hope they are at a supermarket near me.

Maggie Muggins said...

Would to find these at the store, I love the simplicity of the ingredients.

dreaminitvegan said...

Awesome! Anything nut butter is nice! Great idea for using the pepita one on veggies. Maybe even over veggies and noodles. said...

Oooh I'm super intrigued by the pepita, I love the colour!

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